Movements on the increase at the Barclays London Heliport

 The Barclays London Heliport in Battersea, exhibiting at Europe’s premier helicopter show for the first time, reports a notable pick up in movements this summer compared with 2012.   London’s only CAA commercially licensed heliport achieved a 41% increase from 1st August to 19th September compared with the same period in 2012 – and representing the best August since 2009.  Activity has been buoyed by the arrival of London Helicopter Tours (, now resident at the Heliport and running on demand pleasure flights over London, together with expanded activity by a much wider variety of private helicopter owners and commercial operators including Starspeed, Atlas, Capital Air Services and Castle Air.

Launched in May 2013, London Helicopter Tours became the first London-based helicopter sightseeing service offering passengers the opportunity to pre-book individual seats online. Passengers can search availability, pre-book seats, pay and check-in, all in one easy transaction, just like the airlines. Regular sightseeing flights from the Barclays London Heliport, take in some of the capital’s most historic landmarks offering a unique experience and unrivalled convenience for passengers.

Barclays London Heliport is now offering a separate entrance to board and welcome leisure flights while continuing to meet business and VIP customers’ needs for discretion, quick turnarounds, quality and the ability to swiftly handle short notice requests.

It is also now running its own inhouse helicopter charter brokerage headed by Gerald to better manage day to day enquiries, enabling the heliport to offer a swift and reliable response to charter enquiries.

London’s only licensed downtown heliport, the Barclays London Heliport, is jointly owned and operated with London Oxford Airport and continues to offer incentives for aircraft using both. Visiting jets met by a helicopter destined for, or originating from the Heliport, benefit from a reduction of 50% of the normal landing fee at Oxford (25% if under 15 tonnes), whilst the helicopter pays nothing at Oxford and just 50% of the associated landing fee at the heliport. For owners of both jets and helicopters accessing London, there are also special rates for combined residency packages available from the Barclays London Heliport and LondonOxfordAirport.

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