The UK’s first public helicopter service to sell individual seats online launches in May when The London Helicopter introduces regular sightseeing charter flights from The Barclays London Heliport in Battersea. This innovative offering requires passengers to pre-book individual seats for helicopter sightseeing trips at over the Capital, taking off from London’s only commercially licensed Heliport.

The new London service will bring unrivalled convenience to what is a breathtaking experience.

The London Helicopter’s unique real-time booking system, allows customers to search availability [up to 12 months in advance], make reservations, pay and check-in, all in one easy transaction, just like making an airline booking. Prices per person for this unique experience start from £199 and complement similar services offered from the company’s Redhill, UK base.

The helicopter route over London follows The River Thames from Putney in the West to Greenwich in the East, climbing to 1,000ft above the City’s stunning skyline. During your flight passengers will get to see some of the capital’s most historic landmarks including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and new attractions like The Shard. Famous sporting venues including Wembley, The Emirates and the Olympic Stadium are also visible from the route. Flights from the Barclays London Heliport which will be operated by a variety of helicopters in the company’s fleet, will last for approximately 20 minutes.

Passengers are welcomed at The London Helicopter’s terminal of the Barclays London Heliport by experienced and attentive staff, who will provide a full pre-flight safety and security briefing. The London Helicopter is fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA AOC No 2250).

Chris Mann, MD of The London Helicopter says: “We’re thrilled to be launching the first London based helicopter sightseeing service from London’s only Heliport. Joining the likes of New York, Las Vegas and Cape Town makes us enormously proud.”

Simon Hutchins, Manager of the Barclays London Heliport says: “We are very excited that The London Helicopter will operate these tours and attract a new profile of customers to the Barclays London Heliport. We believe that this one of a kind venture will be successful and can mirror the experiences available at other great cities in the world.”

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