Customs and Immigration

Customs & Immigration

The London Heliport is listed as a General Aviation Agreement Aerodrome by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and is listed as such on the HMRC General Aviation Report (Form GARMay09V3.1) available from the London Heliport or HMRC websites.

The London Heliport is not an airfield with full designation to accept all types of traffic from other countries without any HMRC restrictions and so is known as a Certificate of Agreement aerodrome under a mandatory version of the agreement intended for General Aviation Aerodromes.

The main responsibility for supply of information to the UK Border Agency (Immigration), HM Revenue and Customs and the UK Police Forces Ports Office lies with the pilot or aircraft operator. However as a Certificate of Agreement aerodrome the London Heliport is required to log and independently supply the same information to the relevant authorities.

Pilots and Operators are therefore required to provide to the heliport, in advance, full aircraft, flight, passenger and crew details as laid out in the GAR form for all such flights according to the timescales detailed in the table below. It should be noted however that the London Heliport is not required to pass these details to the relevant authorities in advance of the actual time of departure for some outbound flights (see table below). Under these conditions the London Heliport is able to accept movements to and from The Common Travel Area (CTA), European Union (EU) member states and also places outside the EU.

For pilot, owner operator responsibilities under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 refer to:

  • AIC 62/2002 available from the NATS AIS website

  • Police Control Terrorism Act 2000


Whilst there is no permanent presence of any of the border agencies at the London Heliport, any of them may choose to attend the Heliport for a particular flight.

If satisfactory clearances have not been obtained from the relevant authorities within the defined timescales (see table below) for any inbound flights they may be required to divert to a designated airfield.If any operator is found, for any flight, to have made an incomplete or inaccurate declaration of flight, passenger or crew details, the aircraft, passengers and crew may be required to be held at the heliport until such time as satisfactory clearances have been obtained and or the interested agencies have sent an officer to the heliport to interview the passengers and crew.

Please note when reading the following GAR Advance Notification Requirements Table:

1. Advance GAR notification to the heliport is required for all International flights. The table indicates agreed minimum advance notification to the relevant border agencies as notified by the London Heliport.

2. Advance GAR notifications should be forwarded to the heliport within published normal operational hours to ensure that the required clearances are obtained for the planned flight in order that it might proceed as planned.

G.A.R. Advance Notification Requirements